Back to normal…

Now that most people are fully vaccinated things are returning to somewhat normal. Most businesses are open and allowing customers to shop without having to wear a mask, per the CDC’s recommendation.

I’ve noticed that some people are still wearing masks and I wonder is it because they aren’t vaccinated, afraid of those that are not wearing masks, or they don’t trust the vaccine to keep them safe.

I know that there are conflicting reports out there, but I feel that the CDC wouldn’t lift the restrictions if they felt we were in any danger. Of course there’s the Delta variant out there, but like with a flu shot you can still get Covid, but at least you won’t die from it. I hope that those who have chosen to not get the vaccine that they understand that they are putting themselves and their loved ones in harms way.

Please think about others when trying to decide if dying from a disease where a vaccine is available, is worth not getting the vaccine. Your family and friends would miss you and wonder why you didn’t care enough about them to not get vaccinate.


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